The Future of Australian European eResearch Cooperation

Jonathan Arthur
16 May 2019

VIENNA, Austria and SYDNEY, Australia - 14 May 2019 - The European Commission EPIC project releases a new policy brief "The Future of Australian European e-Research Cooperation".

The first in a series of policy brief outcomes, this paper is a strategic input into future eResearch policy formation for consideration by the European Commission. The brief includes material drawn from the highly successful “Digital Science and International Cooperation” pre-conference workshop, coordinated by eutema and Intersect, with participation from across the EPIC Consortium and eResearch community, at the 2018 eResearch Australasia Conference.

The paper, available here, recommends that Australia and the EU should:

  • Develop openness in research based on their existing efforts. This requires the
    collaboration of government, industry and academia.
  • Develop collaborative funding models in the field of eResearch to leverage existing resources.
  • Develop virtual labs that go beyond open data.
  • Investigate options for developing marketplaces for open data.
  • Investigate opportunities to enhance e-Research in the humanities, the arts and social sciences.
  • Develop robust data management plans to facilitate good practices by researchers in their regions, and also worldwide.
  • Evaluate the economic benefits of e-Research.

Subsequent papers in the series and other EPIC outputs and content are published at

About EPIC

Australia, Singapore and New Zealand are traditionally strong economic partners for Europe. The European-Pacific Partnership for ICT collaboration in research, development and innovation (“EPIC”) aims to strengthen the ties between these regions through academic, industrial and political partnerships. The program was initiated by the European Commission and promotes research and development

Intersect and RMIT are the Australian agencies of the European Partnership for ICT Collaboration with Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Since inception this project has funded international researcher collaboration, strategic theme conference events, expert exchanges and more.

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