Quick facts

  • Established in 2008 by five founding organisations; today there are 13 members.
  • Not-for-profit company limited by membership guarantee.
  • Constituted by its members: universities and research institutions.
  • Funded through member subscriptions and income from service consumption.
  • Originated in NSW, now operating in four states for national benefit.
  • Strategic partnerships with theĀ ARDC, AARNet, AAF and NCI.
  • Node operator for the national RDS and Nectar NCRIS infrastructure projects in NSW and members across 4 states and territories.

Founding Public Purpose

From inception in 2008 our vision was to foster, drive and coordinate the sustainable development, delivery and uptake of world-class eResearch services and solutions.

Intersect set about delivering its mission in its first decade through;

  • Representing NSW interests and research leadership at the national level through direct participation in the various NCRIS Boards and committees.
  • Acting as the primary coordinating mechanism for the delivery of Platform for Collaboration (PfC) agency services and other service providers to the NSW research community.
  • Driving the development, uptake and effective use of eResearch technologies by embedding staff in member organisations.
  • Developing innovative, sustainable and commercial grade eResearch technologies/services.
  • The provision of training, professional development and career enhancement opportunities.
  • Promoting more effective collaboration between NSW researchers and links with other national and international centres of excellence.
  • Providing a national focus for the application of eResearch in the humanities, arts and social sciences
  • Working towards greater efficiencies through:
    • Sharing common infrastructure/technology platforms
    • Facilitating joint funding bids including with international, government and industry partners
    • Leveraging co-funded projects with Platforms for Collaboration, NCRIS and other capability areas


  • The research leadership aspirations of members
  • The research and innovation needs of government and industry

Intersect exists as a not-for-profit entity to provide a public benefit by carrying out this mission. The academic research and innovation it promotes generates broader public value in supporting an agenda focused on NSW and, with maturation, national research priorities.

Where appropriate and where synergies exist, Intersect develops and provides products and services to non-member organisations on a market basis in order to:

  • Provide research opportunities and research training benefits to academics and students
  • Enhance infrastructure and information resources for member benefit
  • Fund the continuing operations of Intersect
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