Our Energy services are targeted at enhancing the capability (skills) and capacity (resources) of organisations, disciplines and research groups.

We improve researcher productivity with research computing solutions. Our focus is meeting researchers’ needs by sharing and solving eResearch problems. We have successfully delivered over 100 research-focused software engineering projects across all disciplines and platforms.

Our team supports research at your organisation, by providing expertise in data storage and management, HPC and cloud computing, and IT planning. Our software engineers develop tools, mobile and web applications to help researchers share and collaborate. Our trainers teach research tailored technology courses to empower your team.

Enhance your eResearch capability with expertise, consulting, software engineering and training from Intersect


“One of the things that I really like about working with Intersect is they
actually understand the sector. They got a much better understanding
of the needs of universities than, say, commercial providers would have.
In that way we can engage with them at a much deeper level in terms
of the storage, compute and collaboration needs that researchers have”.
Mr Kerry Holling,
Chief Digital Officer & CISO
Western Sydney University

Energy Boot Camp

Scheduled training and seminars run on member university campuses. Get in touch with your local eResearch analyst or visit:

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