Software environment and availability on

Raijin Software Registry

A complete list of all software installed is available at

Please note that software packages marked with a yellow dot carry license restrictions. Please contact us to establish whether you can use this software.

Software installation and requests

In addition to the standard catalogue, you are also welcome to install software yourself in your home directory.

If you would like to have new software added to the standard catalogue, please email and specify the download site.

Setting up software environments

To set up the environment for a software package you need to use the module system. To see the exact names of the modules visit the links given above or to get a list use the command:

module avail

To load, for example, the latest version of the Intel compilers on Raijin use

module load intel-fc/

This sets up your environment (variables and path). The reason for using this module system is to allow for different versions of the same software package.

Other useful basic module commands include:

  • A list of already loaded modules: module list
  • To show you what a module does: module show package-name
  • To unload a package module unload <package> ()

Last updated: 20 Mar 2019

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