Can I get a recording of the training session?

No. Intersect does not typically record live training sessions.

Recording a live, online session impacts the quality of the training by altering the experience for both the individual viewing the recording and those participating in the live session. There are several reasons for this, including:

  • The course content is optimised for live participation, not private viewing.
  • Active participation is greatly reduced once it is known the session is being recorded, for fear of making mistakes or errors that become part of a permanent record.
  • The tools and technologies taught, and associated training materials, are frequently updated, resulting in recordings that will be out-of-date and confusing.

There are also important questions of privacy for both the participants and instructors that need to be considered.

It is worth noting that most training is done for member organisations where additional training courses, along with subsequent one-on-one support from an Intersect eResearch Analyst, can be arranged for those legitimately unable to attend a course at the scheduled time.

Last updated: 05 Jun 2020

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