eResearch Nexus Internet connectivity

Intersect eResearch Nexus service connectivity is powered by AARNet, the supplier of Internet services for Australian Universities, schools, research organisations and the CSIRO.

The Nexus currently offers redundant 10Gbit/second Internet links via diverse paths independently connected to AARNet fibre. Edge routers physically connect to different ‘Meet Me’ interconnect areas, in turn connected to the Sydney Basin Fibre network via redundant AARNet backbone links at Macquarie Park and Roseberry. 

The use of diverse connections increases reliability and access to eResearch Nexus services. Interruption to one link causes all traffic to automatically fail over to surviving link(s). Use of diverse paths both increases performance and ensures that a single incident is extremely unlikely to impact service, for example civil works cutting through a fibre cable.

Last updated: 19 May 2019

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