2nd Collaborative Course

The 2nd collaborative graduate-level course in planning is titled HPC and Data in Drug Design and Delivery and is envisaged to be delivered as a live online event by an array of internationally renowned professors and scientists from end Aug/early Sep to end of Nov 2022. The curriculum will include diverse aspects of computational drug design such as fundamental atomistic bio-simulations, docking, screening, AI/ML-based accelerated methods as utilized across computational biochemical, biomedical and pharmaceutic research communities. 

The collaborative graduate education initiative was instigated by Intersect’s Education and Outreach Manager Dr. Meiyun Chang-Smith. With guidance and support from the Organizing Committee, Intersect functions as the main facilitator in planning and co-organising of this collaboratively taught, interactive venture. In collaboration with Intersect Education, NCI Training provides key logistical support, tutorial resourcing, and HPCD expertise towards the course for new and emerging HPCD users coming through the collaborative graduate education program. 

The registration via Eventbrite will open sometime in July 2022, so stay tuned!

Organising Committee:

(Image: Drug/Cyclodextrin Complexation – Credit to A/Prof Defang Ouyang at Uni of Macau)

Contact us by emailing education@intersect.org.au  or get in touch with

Dr. Meiyun Chang Smith Portrait

Dr. Meiyun Chang-Smith

Education and Outreach Manager
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