Launchpod was created to fill a gap in self service accessibility for Openstack virtual application build and self service launch back in 2010. Nectar subsidised it’s development and made it available through its national research cloud. Since then Openstack technology has matured and there is now standardised application catalogue technology, known as Murano, available through Nectar since 2016. Intersect has continued to maintain and host Launchpod and applications built with it long past its Nectar funding window which concluded in 2015.

Upgrades to Openstack recently deployed in Nectar Research Cloud have broken APIs that Launchpod depends on, prompting us to review the situation. Unfortunately after detailed review and analysis we have concluded that the effort to redesign/rebuild Launchpod is extensive and not cost effective. Regrettably we have had to make the difficult decision to retire Launchpod and associated applications. We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause for some researchers and we wish there was another way.

We are actively engaged in engineering Openstack based technology and anybody with a need for Launchpod-like solutions is encouraged to get in touch via to talk about funding a Murano based project. Thank you for your interest in Launchpod. It was fun while it lasted.

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