Security and Privacy for Health and Medical Data

18 Feb 2016

Security and personal privacy are of the utmost importance when it comes to health and medical data derived from human study participants. 
Intersect, on behalf of, recently developed a suite of user-friendly guides about eight security technology services that are required to ensure that privacy is maintained when identifiable digital information is stored and used.

The following guides are now available:

 The guides also list the Australian standards (as outlined in the Australian Signals Directorate Information Security Manual) required for each of these technology services.

Intersect also produced and published in January 2016 an in-depth Discussion Paper available here: “Legal, Best Practice and Security Frameworks for consideration in operation of the Australian National Medical Research Data Storage Facility“ on behalf of the project.
These materials will help the Australian Health & Medical Research community better understand the relevant security/privacy issues and also provide a framework for each node of for benchmarking purposes, to ensure the national facility is built to the appropriate standards to allow data custodians to confidently store and share identifiable and personal information with their collaborators.

Email Dr. Jeff Christiansen if you want to discuss more about how we can help with your Health & Medical data storage or compute needs.

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