Intersect deeply involved in NeCTAR

10 Dec 2012

Intersect has collaborated extensively with members on proposals for NeCTAR Virtual Laboratories (VL) and Research Tools (RT). We assisted members on a total of 27 proposals across the two calls. That assistance included technology advice, project scoping, and assisting consortia build their base of collaborators.

Intersect has a substantial involvement in NeCTAR: Intersect is involved in the creation of ten of the 25 projects recommended to be funded by NeCTAR, and is the lead development partner on most of those ten.

The NeCTAR project (National eResearch Collaboration and Tools) is a $47m Super Science initiative funded over four years. The projects going forward with Intersect involvement are:

  • The All-Sky Virtual Observatory led by Astronomy Australia Ltd is the first step towards building a federated network of datasets from all types of astronomical facilities in Australia
  • Human Communication Science, led by UWS
  • Genomics Virtual Laboratory led by the University of Queensland will help Genome researchers connect to massive datasets, sophisticated analysis tools and large-scale computational infrastructure
  • The Industrial Ecology Lab, led by the University of Sydney
  • Biodiversity Climate Change Adaptation, led by Griffith University will provide a portfolio of tools, data collections and access portals for modelling the potential responses of Australia’s biodiversity to climate change through a web-based platform with advanced visualizations.

Intersect has begun work on the first five projects listed above.

A list of NeCTAR funded projects can be seen here: 

Intersect’s application to establish the NSW Research Cloud Node has also been recommended for funding.

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