All Sky Virtual Laboratory takes off

13 May 2014

Swinburne University of Technology launched the Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory (TAO). Intersect worked closely with Swinburne on the project, particularly in designing the web experience.
Funded by the Australian Government's NeCTAR project, TAO is a free online astronomy virtual laboratory that allows scientists to build complex customised views of the Universe, from their own computer.

“TAO lets researchers take the data from massive cosmological simulations and map it onto an observer’s viewpoint, to test theories of how galaxies and stars form and evolve,” TAO project scientist, Swinburne Associate Professor Darren Croton, said.
“TAO makes it easy and efficient for any astronomer to create these virtual universes. It's the culmination of years of effort that is now at the fingertips of scientists around the world. Using TAO it might take a few minutes to create a mock catalogue of galaxies, versus months or even years of development previously," he said. More on this over at Swinburne.
TAO acknowledges support from the NeCTAR project which is funded by the Australian Government through its Super Science initiative and financed by the Education Investment Fund.

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