SuperTime (HPC) Intersect Resource Allocation

Depending on the amount of resource you are looking for, there are different ways you can apply for Intersect SuperTime resource allocations.

  • Larger proposals for significant quantities of SuperTime are requested through an annual merit-based formal process: the ICMAS (Intersect Compute Merit Allocation Scheme). These applications are reviewed for comparative research merit by the ICMAS associated independent committee as well as by resident Intersect HPC experts. The process typically starts in early Q4 each year for resource allocation for the following year. 
  • Subject to your organisation’s subscription with Intersect, you can also apply for small amounts (up to 10k SUs per quarter) of compute at any time; just create a ticket by emailing or by visiting
  • New SuperTime users are actively sought, especially researchers from smaller institutions and non-traditional HPC disciplines. Intersect routinely and frequently accepts small-scale “experimental” proposals at any time. 
  • Midterm adjustment: To make full use of the allocated HPC resource, Intersect runs quarterly HPC midterm adjustment. Your project could get additional resources during the mid-term adjustment in the middle of each calendar quarter. This is also a good time to start a new HPC project.

Alternative ways for obtaining HPC resource for Intersect member researchers:

  • NCMAS (National Compute Merit Allocation Scheme) is a different scheme run annually by the NCMAS committee. Intersect Supertime users are encouraged to apply for HPC time through the NCMAS process. 

  • Some member organisations also have internal HPC resources available to researchers, please enquiry at your local research office for more information. 

Last updated: 24 May 2019

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