Getting started with HPC

Obtain HPC resources from Intersect

The HPC compute resources you ask for are supplied by Intersect through our partner the National Compute Infrastructure (NCI). For details about how to obtain Intersect HPC resource, please refer here : 

Create a new project for your resources

You can register for a new HPC project/user here

Connecting to Raijin

To connect to Raijin you’ll need a Secure Shell (SSH) client. If you’re on Linux or Mac OS X, chances are that you can just open a terminal and issue one of the following commands:


When prompted, enter your username and password. 

If you’re running Windows, you’ll need to download an SSH client. A good free option is Putty.

Transferring Files

To transfer files to and from your machine, you’ll need a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client that supports Secure-FTP (SFTP). You can do this from the command line on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows:


But you might find it easier to use a graphical FTP program, such as FileZilla.

Last updated: 25 May 2019

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