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Intersect provides a wide variety of interactions associated with our products and services and we offer a personalised, guided Service Catalogue experience when you sign in to

This article provides a single page view of the entry points to initiate requests, typically inbound links to create requests in, or in other service support systems like NCI or Nectar.

Please be aware that regardless of the destination you’ll need to authenticate to progress your request, if you haven’t already signed in.

 Service Name Space Time Energy Data Learn Help
Request a Quote
Establish or Extend a Plan
Request Resources OwnTime
Request a Product Addon
Request Data Restore
Request a VM/Snapshot Restoration
Request adjustment/extension of a resource allocation / quota
Request removal of access to a resource
Request deletion of a resource / resources
Request training
Request Supertime HPC Support
Request change to institution authorised contact
Request access to reports
Other Request

Last updated: 19 May 2019

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