What has changed in Help.intersect.org.au?

We have revamped help.intersect.org.au and switched the underlying technology that powers it from ServiceNow to FreshDesk. This means a few things have changed. Here are some handy pointers to assist you with the transition.

  1. All of your tickets (currently active and closed) have new numbers. Previous ticket numbers are of the format INC0010039, the new format means this ticket number will now be INC-10039, so it’s easy just take the last 5 digits of your old ticket number and you have your new ticket number. Just search for the new ticket and you’ll find it’s still there.
  2. For any active tickets over the transition period you will have received an email advising you of your new ticket number. This email also has a link to the ticket in help.intersect.org.au
  3. If you previously viewed your Space Plans and Space Products in help.intersect.org.au, you will notice they are missing at the moment We are working on a replacement solution as we migrate all processes across, so in the meantime if you want to know this information please let us know and we will work with you on an interim solution. 
  4. There’s a brand new “Solutions” knowledge base. To begin with it will be pretty sparse, but we’ll be improving it week after week as we move more information into the system.
We are still refining the look, feel and functionality so please bear with us for a while while we iron out the kinks!

Kind regards,

The Help.intersect.org.au team

Last updated: 30 Aug 2019

Source: https://inter.fyi/l2Gr0
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