Membership Fees, Governance, and Reporting

When do I receive my membership invoices?

Membership is an ongoing, annual subscription, paid in a single invoice each calendar year. Invoices are issued, and must be paid, in advance of the period of membership covered by the payment.

Will I receive a quote for membership fees?

The signed Membership Agreement is sufficient documentation for Intersect to issue the recurring membership invoices. Quotes can be arranged, or purchase orders received, if this is necessary for your internal financial processes. Please contact your eResearch Analyst or raise a ticket on should you require this additional documentation.

Please note: Recurring membership invoices are due and payable for the duration of the membership, notwithstanding non-acceptance of a membership quote or failure to issue a purchase order for membership fees.

Why have the membership fees changed?

The Intersect Constitution confers on the Board of Intersect the power to determine the services provided through membership and the associated membership fees, from time to time. Intersect aims to provide 90 days notice of any such change in fees or services. This notice is sent to the identified contact person for the membership for internal distribution to relevant individuals. 

The Board has approved a standing annual indexation for membership fees; this remains in effect at the time of publication. 

How is Intersect governed?

Intersect is governed by the Intersect Constitution. This document establishes a Board of Directors comprised of Member Directors (elected by, and from, the Subscribing Members) and Independent Directors, in a 2:1 ratio. The Constitution gives delegated authority to the Board to govern the organisation. 

Can I sit on the Board?

Each Subscribing Member has the right to nominate an individual as a Director, and participate in any election of Directors.. 

How do I monitor the value of my membership?

All members receive an annual Member Value Report, summarising Intersect’s services to the Member in the previous year and assigning a notional market value to those services, where possible to do so. The aim is to demonstrate the overall value received by the Member in the context of the membership fees paid.

Subscribing Members receive supplementary Quarterly Updates to the annual Member Value Report, to enable the Member to monitor progress throughout the year. 

Quarterly reports summarising service provision and strategic directions across the whole membership are presented by Intersect senior management for discussion at Board meetings.

The eResearch Analyst based at your organisation is also available to provide ad hoc verbal reports and answer any questions about membership. Formal bespoke reports on any aspect of membership can be provided, if needed. Please contact your eResearch Analyst for more information.

How do I provide feedback?

Intersect strives hard to deliver ongoing, high-quality, relevant products and services to all Members. Feedback on any aspect of our operation is welcome. Members can provide feedback via the channels below, in rough order of escalation:

  1. Contact your eResearch Analyst. The eResearch Analyst is the best point of initial contact; they will clarify the feedback with you and ensure the feedback reaches the most appropriate people for timely resolution.
  2. Contact the Head of Membership Services. The Head of Membership Services oversees all matters pertaining to membership and manages the Services Team.
  3. Escalate to the Chief Executive Officer. If a matter remains unresolved, the Head of Membership Services can escalate it to the CEO on your behalf.

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Last updated: 17 Dec 2020

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