Initiating a New Membership

Overview of New Membership Initiation

In general, a new membership of Intersect proceeds via the following steps, coordinated by the Head of Membership Services:

  1. The Membership Application and Agreement is approved by the Intersect Board.
  2. The Intersect Company Secretary sends a formal Letter of Welcome to the senior contact from the member organisation, typically the DVCR, or equivalent.
  3. The Client Placement Contact is identified. This person becomes the key contact point for membership at the member organisation, communicating regularly with the eResearch Analyst (eRA) and, as required, with the eResearch Services Manager and Head of Membership Services.
  4. The eResearch Analyst is recruited.
  5. eRA placement, including a start date for membership service delivery, is confirmed. 
  6. The first membership invoice is issued.

When does the membership commence?

Membership of Intersect officially commences when the Membership Application and Agreement signed by the member organisation is approved by the Intersect Board. 

When does membership service delivery commence?

Membership service delivery (i.e., the provision of packaged services, including access to the membership discount) typically does not start until recruitment and placement of the on-site Intersect employee (typically, an eResearch Analyst) is complete. Membership services are provided by the Services Team and backed by the skills and experience of the whole Intersect team. Each eResearch Analyst forms a local interface to this service delivery. While service delivery is not dependent on the on-site presence of the eResearch Analyst, it is maximally enhanced by this presence. Thus, the date of placement of this individual is the commencement date for membership service delivery.

Can service delivery commence before recruitment is complete?

Yes, it can. Some new members may wish to access Intersect services, and the associated membership pricing, prior to commencement of the eResearch Analyst. Earlier commencement can be agreed with the Head of Membership Services. However, it is important to note that if membership service delivery commences before the placement of an eResearch Analyst, Intersect does not have the resource capacity to offer interim, temporary, or locum eResearch Analyst services during the period of recruitment; nor a partial refund in cash or alternative services for the membership fees invoiced during this period. During recruitment, requests for services normally undertaken by the eRA can be submitted to 


When will I receive my first membership invoice?

Membership fees are paid in advance. Once the date of commencement of service delivery, the first invoice will be issued. Typically, this is invoice will be on a pro-rata basis, according to the portion of the first year for which services will be delivered i.e., from the agreed date of commencement of service delivery until the end of the first year of service.

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Last updated: 17 Dec 2020

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