Field Acquired Information Management Systems

Researchers sometimes travel to remote locations to capture their data and they need easy to use applications to capture the data consistently.  Intersect has helped in that first step of the research process through the development of the FAIMS (Field Acquired Information Management Systems) mobile application.  The FAIMS mobile application has been designed so that researchers can use their own mobile devices (Android) offline, and sync the data to a server later, or when access to cloud services are available.  The app can be used by research groups, and supports the capture of a range of data types: unstructured text, geospatial, and multimedia data, and associated metadata, i.e. administrative, technical and descriptive.  Researchers using the FAIMS mobile platform can spend more time on investigating and interpreting the data they collect.

The Australian archaeology community not only have the FAIMS mobile platform to work with, they also have a data repository, a tool suite, and a community platform, so they can collaborate and collect and share data more effectively.  FAIMS is a national research infrastructure network that supports archaeological research in the field, and online data processing and deposit of data.  The FAIMS team led by project director, Associate Professor Shawn Ross, have developed some FAQs and guidance information to help others in their field of research (archaeologists, geologists, environmental scientists) to learn to use the platform, tools, and repository, and reuse the open source code.

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