Intersect News #21 June 2010

1 Jul 2010

NSW Chief Scientist launches Genomic Data Analysis Project

The NSW Chief Scientist, Prof Mary O’Kane has launched Intersect’s latest Innovation project at the University of New South Wales saying, “For me this is the archetypal best form of eResearch, as we see the computing world join research. This sort of project really makes it sensible; the fact that the data can be stored, tagged, sent around the world, bringing people from around the world into a project. We are bringing together some great researchers and research opportunities with fantastic infrastructure.”

Intersect has centralised the effort of several major institutions to make the best use of new gene sequencing instruments. One of the key benefits of the Genomic Data Analysis project is that it is designed for easy deployment at other, new sites.

Intersect CEO, Dr Ian Gibson adds, “While this project directly supports Illumina and Roche/ 454 next generation gene sequencers, it is designed to be easily reconfigured for changing experimental methods, new tools and other disciplines. We would be very happy to talk to other research centres about their data management needs.”  A component of the project enables data to be optionally included in the Australian Research Data Commons and was funded by the Australian National Data Service. More information at:

AMMRF Technique Finder launches in July

Intersect has delivered the first of a two phase project for the Australian Microscopy & MicroAnalysis Research Facility (AMMRF). The Technique Finder enables researchers to use a web tool to identify instruments and techniques needed for their work and to gain access to them. The project will be launched on 12 July at the Australian Conference of Microscopy and Microanalysis (ACMM21) in Brisbane. More on Technique Finder information here

Intersect formalises NCI membership

Intersect has formalised a partner-share in Australia’s most powerful supercomputer facility, the National Facility at National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), located at the Australian National University.  This makes Intersect one of the largest partners in the National Computational Infrastructure.

Intersect’s members now have access to a portfolio of HPC services beyond their institutional facilities: from the local shoulder facility (McLaren); through the partner share at NCI; and up to the national merit allocation scheme at NCI. The portfolio provides members with access to a wide range of facilities suited to a diversity of research applications via different architectures.

The partner agreement between Intersect and NCI comprises the partner share, access to associated services, such as support, training, and software and an NCI support resource hosted at Intersect for members.

Intersect is in the process of renewing its resource allocation and support procedures in collaboration with NCI.

Intersect joins AAF

Intersect has joined the Australian Access Federation (AAF) becoming the 35th member. The Australian Access Federation, (AAF) helps the Australian higher education and research sector by allowing organisations working together to create a single sign-on to access federated web-based services. Authorised users access services in a secure way using the credentials issued by their own institution thereby eliminating the need for multiple accounts.

Markus Buchhorn delivers key note in New Zealand

Markus delivered the keynote address, “the Australian eResearch Landscape” at the Victoria University of Wellington eResearch Symposium on 8th June. The talk gave an overview of the Australian approach to eResearch. Streaming video of the symposium is available here:  The trip was sponsored by the Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand.

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